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High Efficiency Boilers

Known to most people as “condensing boilers” are essentially the same as other fan-flued boilers with only a few slight differences setting them apart. A high-efficiency boiler has either a secondary heat exchanger or one with a larger surface area.

A condensing boiler is more efficient due to it’s ability to extract more heat from the flue gases normally lost to the environment through the flue system.

The flue gases, which heat the heat exchanger pass through the primary heat exchanger and exit at approx. 250 degrees C. The heat enters the secondary heat exchanger or larger area, to release more of its useful heat.

This simple process means that much less gas is required to produce the same amount of heat. Annual fuel savings of at least 30% are often enjoyed by the end user.


Built in pump, expansion vessel, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge.

The boiler is supplied pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

The boiler can be connected to either low pressure open vent cylinders or mains pressure unvented units.

There is less pipework

There is no feed and expansion cistern in the loft space.

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