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Combi Boiler

What are the advantages of a Combi Boiler?

A Combi (known as a Combination Boiler) is a compact and highly efficient unit giving all the heating and hot water you need, with significant savings on running and installation costs.

Unlike a conventional heating and hot water system, a combi boiler system does not store domestic hot water. It heats water directly from the cold mains - - as you see it. There is no hot water cylinder, no tank in the loft (and so no risk of freezing or flooding) and none of the connecting pipework. So not only do you save space, but you can typically save up to 60% on domestic fuel bills.

A combi also supplies hot water at mains pressure, giving exhilarating power showering without the need foe a pump. And as, on average, a shower uses considerably less water than a bath, the savings on both water consumption and hot water costs can be significant.


• All the major components, including the pump, are contained within the boiler casing and do not need to be fitted separately.

• The boiler comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

• There is no need to install a hot water cylinder.

• There is no need for a storage tank in the roof space.

• There is less pipework.

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